Soundtrack and live performance


The performance was staged in Kaunas - the European capital of culture 2022 in June this year.

The project includes the need to look at the world through the eyes of a child, the look that is so natural, so human, yet inevitably followed by a sigh of having entered maturity. The maturity of a person is defined by the loss of childhood; the shape of present which retrieves the most charming stuff from the past, from the flashbacks of childhood, but the latter are given to a person only in the form of dearth shrouded by a dream, of extreme and unsurpassable boundary. The Return asks to reach for above, at least in thought to stand with Ukrainians who are paying a heavy toll for the things they believe in and fight for. Yes, primarily the project shares hope, but the waving of its flag hides the price of the desired future. Such is the nature of hope - seeking the future without accepting the present. Hope and tragedy of war, the price to be paid, and the belief that every loss has not been in vain. And even if the yellow blood staining the flags is just a symbol, it does remind us of the true blood that is being shed in Ukraine. The Return is an act of solidarity by the Vilnius Academy of Arts and artists from Kaunas. The act that is not straightforward in form, but direct in contents - We stand with Ukraine.

Author of the exhibition: Saulius Paliukas (VDA Kaunas Faculty)

Architect/Curator: Rimantas Giedraitis (VDA Kaunas Faculty)

Soundtrack / Live performance : Volodymyr Vova Antoniv (Poland/Ukraine)

Motion choreographers: Dovilė Petkūnaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas

Organizers: Jonas Audėjaitis, Rimantas Giedraitis (VDA Kaunas Faculty)

The Return | performance
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Duo with Jozak Sander.


Live Electronics 
Vova Antoniv Jozak Sander & Orchestra
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The project was created out of the need to inspire young musicians to produce their own songs. NEU. I was invited to the project as a creative director and I was co-responsible for the program and conducting workshops in Görlitz. The workshop ended with a live performance of previously produced songs. As the final result of our work in Görlitz we have perfomed a few pieces with orchestra adding live electronics to the pieces. Me and Jozak, we have played live electronics and synths.

Solo. Performance for electronics.


After the Chernobyl power plant explosion in 1986, people who crossed the boundary of the zone, the area around the plant, in search of anomalies and mutations, began to be called Stalkers. The stalker is therefore a link between the living and the extinct world, reality and fiction. During the event at the History Meeting House, I played a solo concert for electronics. My music pieces was inspired by the movie "Chernobyl science and fiction", I created pieces using sounds I have captured from industrial envoirenment.

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Member of the Band.

Kayah x Transoriental Orchestra

I play clarinet and synths at the Kayah x Transoriental Orchestra founded by Kayah and Atanas Valkov. They joined forces to select eminent musicians and soloists from Poland, Ukraine and Iran, which adds to musical dialogue and the multicultural nature of the project. The orchestra feature a number of rare and original instruments such as the cimpalom, santur, oud, saz and lutes, flutes and reeds of various kinds.

The Transoriental Orchestra’s repertoire is a real challenge. The album features Jewish songs from various regions in Europe and the Middle East. Their geographic diversity is reflected in music, which resonates with Balkan, Persian, Slavic, African and Jewish motifs. Kayah had to face a unique challenge to sing in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and Arabic. 

Workshops for musicians. Duo with Jozak Sander.

Live Act


I am the co-originator and creative director of 3 editions of international workshops for musicians, VJs, singers, beatboxers and instrumentalists. Together with Jozak we conducted a two weeks of practical workshops in the polish mountain hut without cellular coverage but with loads of gear and instruments. We combined producers and musicians into teams, learned things we wanted to, played  jam sessions, produced song. Electro sounds are mixed with a classical instruments during a live public performance in a Wrocław club together with 3d mappings that where dedicated to each performance individually. The event was supported by Goethe Institute, Ableton Poland and was co-organized by the Edith Stein Foundation.


Christien Meindertsma x CSRugs

Journey of a sheep’s fleece.

Asten is the first in a series of 3d tufted rugs designed for CSrugs. The highly textured rugs will each depict

a different location that is important in the production of the fine wool that the company uses in most of their rugs. From the Corriedale sheep in New Zealand all the way to the rug tufting company itself, located in an industrial site in Asten, the Netherlands. A film about the project is made by Roel van Tour. I scored a

soundtrack to this film.


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Score for Noordbrabants Museum - Exhibition.


Music to Introduction film for Exhibition on Jheronimus Bosch.

Noordbrabants Museum | Uit De Stal Van Bosch
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Experimental music.


I created a song that was 100% recorded from the sounds of the chair. During the project,

I recorded sounds at the Vitra factory. where the chair is made, and then I composed a piece that reflects the idea of its design.

Thomas Eyck.

bulb bullée

For the 2020 collection, Thomas Eyck commissioned Christien Meindertsma for a new project.
Designing a lamp that captures the magic of blowing a glass bell has long been on Christien's wish list.

Or as she herself says: “I wanted to design a lamp where you can preserve that first magical moment when the air from the lungs of the glassblower forms a bubble of glass to the blowpipe”.
To capture this magic, Christien developed a lamp that only consists of the parts needed to blow the glass: a blowpipe, a wooden mold and glass. The appearance of the lamp is the result of these three elements. A video is created by Roel van Tour. I scored a music for this beautiful design story.